The Art of Being 

The Spiritual Awakening

It felt like a crisis at the beginning. Confusing. Dark. Emotional.

It got me by surprise. How about you?

Before I connected with guides and mentors, I thought I did something wrong on my healing journey or perhaps there is something intrinsically wrong with me...

Then ever so slowly things started to fall in place

Different practices. Different perspectives. Different everything

Connected with God/Universe/Divine Consciousness = Oneness

Doing ALL things with love

Shifting away from "doing" to "being" = The ART of BEING

Letting go of ego, desires, labelling, duality, preferences,...

Followed by states of bliss that are difficult to describe with words...


The spiritual journey invites us to face the unknown and continue to move forward even in presence of fear and doubt...

Where are you at on this path?


We will have a group zoom call to explore this. It's a free call

So we can connect and share with each other the practices we use, the mystical experiences, ask questions we may have,...

Please mark your calendar. It's on 17th December at 6 am AEST Brisbane time (this will be day prior for people in Europe and N. America)

I will send out an email with the links and details soon. Join the emal list below and keep an eye out for it :)


Starting in January 2023 there will be regular group calls for The Art of Being Community

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