Create lasting embodied energetic and emotional changes


so you can feel more alive, vibrant and in control of your life


without more past-trauma-processing or artifical energy boosting


High Achievers. Ambitious Souls. Changemakers.

You've worked hard on your inner growth already

  • You’re passionate and driven – giving up is not an option
  • You love that sense of progress and momentum
  • You work hard to be of service and have a deep desire to make a difference in this world (perhaps you are a lightworker)
  • You deeply care about the people in your life and the environment
  • Overall, you live a heart-centred life


  • You often feel like you are pulled in all directions or spread yourself thin
  • You don't have enough time for fun with friends and those deep long conversations or hobbies. Mostly you are just too tired for this.
  • You often work on your days off to meet all the demands and deadlines
  • You get stuck in “pushing through” patterns even when you're tired and your body aches
  • You feel disconnected from yourself, your brilliance and gifts
  • There is a sense of something is missing deep inside you
  • No matter how hard you try, your progress does not match your effort

This leaves you feeling inadequate. overlooked. empty. and depleted. .

I get it! you are not alone πŸ’›

Many of my clients came to me concerned that they are about to lose their inner spark!!

No one taught them how to properly:

  • plug energy leaks
  • recalibrate their body for vitality
  • handle difficult emotions to bring lasting peace to their inner world

Good news: this is not complicated. It just takes a little customisation to fit your unique body and circumstances. That's all!

Once replenished, you continue to serve, give and make this world a better place, but this time from your overflow.

Goodbye Burnout!

It's not fair that a caring go-getter like you, working so hard to make a difference in this world, feels regularly exhausted and overwhelmed.

Let's explore what your life would feel like if...

  • you could wake up feeling recharged with a level of aliveness, enthusiasm and love for life you have never experienced before
  • you could reach your goals without painful detours
  • the things you committed to light you up and bring you joy
  • you listened and trusted your authentic voice and let it guide you
  • you could speak your truth even when when it ruffles some feathers
  • you know how to handle those moments of self-doubt and difficult emotions
  • you had a process to eliminate distracting chaos to ensure you stay on track without the energy drainers
  • you got strategies and practices in place that help you stay grounded in difficult conversations

... You have that felt sense of beautiful grounded confidence, vibrancy and spaciousness - magical combination, right?!  Let me show you how.

Introducing the Spark Activation System

Here is how it works 

Together we'll go deep on these 3 pillars so can flourish and shine:  


⭐️ Align: Activate your inner compass and get clear on your true needs so that you can step forward in your life with certainty, vibrancy and joy

  • Declutter your world correctly so that you can can feel safe in your body and reach your goals without painful detours
  • Stand up for yourself in a balanced way without feeling selfish or guilty, so you can honour your needs well
  • Plug your energy leaks and recalibrate your body for vitality so you never have to feel depleted again

⭐️ Generate: Discover the hidden power of your emotions and how to harness it to your highest benefit with love

  • Acitvate your natural motivation and excitement for life by following your inner compass
  • Uncover your positive drive and connect to inner resourcefulness so you can progress without having to work harder
  • Unleash your radical self-awareness so that you can make decisions as a CEO of yourself with certainty and grace

⭐️ Embody: Activate your inner resources and radical self-awareness and appoint yourself as a CEO of your inner world

  • Learn how to receive and decode your body's "messages" and upgrade your relationship with it to permanently prevent restless nights, tensions, dizziness and other unwanted bodily sensations
  • Ground yourself moment by moment so that you can handle being around people, feeling secure and tension-free
  • Bring lasting peace to your inner world so you don’t get knocked of centre by external circumstances anymore


Your options:

The Sparked Package

  • This is for people who like speed, short but intense style of work
  • Over the 3-month period we will have 12x weekly zoom calls @ 60 minutes each
  • You also have access to email support between sessions

Your investment: US $4,200 (payment plans available)


The Flourish Package

You’ll love this if you desire flexibility and a felt sense of support on your journey of inner mastery

In the 12-month you get to choose how often and how long our calls will be!

  • Do you prefer weekly 30-minute calls, or have 2-hour calls every other week, or once a month a half day intensive? The choice is yours!!!
    I know it sounds crazy right!?! My commitment to your transformation is 1000% even at this investment point (note: the price will go up eventually)
  • You’ll also get email support in between sessions and
  • You'll get access to transformational online resources, tools, sparksheets and practices 


You’ll feel supported!

This package is a no brainer πŸ’›

Your investment: US $12,500 (payment plans available)

Book a free Energy Leak Diagnostic call to make sure it's the right fit for you

On that call we will discuss:

  • Your main current challenge that brought you here
  • Identify a few energy leaks in your current life
  • Answer any questions you may have about the coaching packages
  • and
  • If we are the right fit to work together
  • Then we will decide which coaching package is best for you
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Dear Tanja,

Thank you for your coaching sessions. I started to take them while I was in the beginning of my phd. It was very helpful for me to talk to someone who herself went through the process of doing a phd.
I liked the way you were trying to understand my problems and the support you gave, the tips and suggestions. Your kind, honest and funny way made me feel instantly comfortable taking to you, which helped enormously to learn how to cope with that anxiety issue that I have and I learnt more about my brain, how to be nicer to myself and how to not give up.

What I experienced thanks to you, and I believe this is some sort of 'inner growth', is that it is definitely worth moving forward and to not give up, not in life and not during your phd. I am very grateful that I met you/discovered your videos when I started my phd. - During difficult times you are a 'role model' for me, and your story is a great example/inspiration for me that it is definitely worth to move forward.


What people say about me

Hey! I'm Tanja


Yes, that's my hat. I grew up in Austria (Tirol).

Yes, I wear my watch on the inside and on my left. πŸ’›

My fav colour is yellow...

I gently guide my clients to harnessing the deeper understanding of their challenges so they can feel confident, access their innate power, and become unstoppable at living a vibrant life.

It’s important to me that my clients feel seen and deeply cared for on their journey in finding creative solutions tailored to their specific needs, desires and situation. 

More about me here

Let your soul sparkle and shine β­οΈ

Book a call, let's discuss your current situation and see if my program is the right fit to guide you to a more vibrant life...

Free Energy Leak Diagnostic CALL

This is not for you if...

  • You're after information but not ready to take action yet
  • You're just looking for practices or tools to achieve desired results without doing the inner work
  • You don't belief change is ever possible for you no matter what you do
  • You want someone else to fix your problems and give you solutions to all your problems

πŸ’› I don't want to waste your time, money, energy...

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself - George Bernard Shaw

I help my clients βœ¨ find and plug those hidden energy leaks for good βœ¨ leverage their unique power, activate their inner spark to bring vibrancy and vitality into their life, without guilt, self-minimising or forcing, using my magical blend of radical self-awareness and embodied integration.

My clients learn how to be their own inner coach. I belief in my clients and their abilities!!

It’s important to me that my clients feel seen and deeply cared for on their journey.

While I cheer on my clients and love celebrating their wins with them, I also gently pull them up on subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding them back and depleting their energy. 

Because I get it.

  • You got that fire in your belly and don't want to waste time
  • You’re are on a mission and not settling for anything less than an extraordinary life where your dream became your reality
  • You want to feel vibrant and confident today all day long

Want to set yourself free from expectations and create a vibrant life?

If yes, you need to know how to detect and fix energy drainers in your life.

Let's chat to identify some of them today. No-pressure, just a conversation to identify a few energy drainers in your current life and to see if we are the good fit to work on this together and so I can also answer any questions you may have about coaching...

Energy Leak Diagnostic Session

Is your mind telling you that your situation is complex and worried that I may not understand?

Most my clients have complex PTSD and other health issues (fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, Meniere's disease, migraines, constant severe pain from injuries...)

That's why my approach is very customised and tailored to your unique situation. What's helpful and energising to one person, may feel awful and draining to another.

Regardless your situation, you deserve an extraordinary life and have access to tools and practices that help you make your dream life your realityπŸ’›

Being in full soul alignment not only energises and creates a vibrant fulfilling life for ourselves, but also transforms the relationship we have with ourselves, other earthlings and mother nature πŸ’›πŸŒˆ

Inner Spark Activation

Let's make "feeling depleted" a memory from the distant past!

and uplevel vibrancy, enthusiasm, joy, love and all that good stuff

Book Your Energy Leak Diagnostic Now