Your childhood didn't set you up for SUCCESS, yet you got AMBITIOUS dreams* that keep you up at night?

(*perhaps still your best kept secret?)

The problem is:

  • You're still riddled with self-doubt even after years of therapy
  • You're working non-stop, doing all the right things society praises but feel empty inside
  • You're busy rushing around "rescuing" friends and family members, volunteering, working on other people's project
  • You're reading books, listen to podcasts, programs... to figure out how to bring your dream to reality...


  • You're stuck in "pushing through" patterns - workaholic or people pleasing modes
  • You can't get rid of that critical inner voice, nothing you do is ever good enough
  • You're questioning your worthiness and find that there is never enough time for self-care

Deep inside, you know you're missing out in life and not reaching your full potential. This leaves you feeling empty. depleted. inadequate and overlooked.

I get it! you are not alone 💛

It doesn't have to stay that way. Creating a better future, sticking to your boundaries, stepping into your true potential and shine a light on your gifts and talents, having ambitious dreams that do not fit in a neat box can be beautiful, freeing and deeply satisfying.

Wondering how this could be possible for you?

I believe that everyone with cPTSD deserves to have access to the strategies to

build a gorgeous thriving life

where you are buzzing with excitement while

allowing all of you be fully expressed - the unique brilliant YOU*

*including flaws and quirks (which I got plenty of)

Are you ready to explore what connecting to your authentic voice and brilliance can bring to your life?

... little sprinkle of magic: image what your life could feel like if...

  • You only commit to things that light you up
  • You listened and trusted your authentic voice and let it guide you
  • You could speak your truth even when people challenge your ambitious dreams
  • You had a plan to handle those moments of self-doubt
  • You'r using your authentic voice even when it feels uncomfortable
  • You have the confidence to stick to your boundaries and have those vulnerable conversations to deepen your relationships
  • You take actions toward your ambitious dreams even though your friends and family belief these are impossible or tell you "you don't have what it takes" (that's what I was told!)
  • You had a process to shield you from those hurtful comments and eliminate distracting chaos to ensure you stay on track 

... Dreaming of the day you move forward with confidence, clarity and FREEDOM. Let me show you how.

I developed and use the soul-aligned system to generate EASE. FLOW. and INNER PEACE in my own life and my clients', while steadily working towards those ambitious dreams.

With a little lightheartedness, patience, right support and actions infused with loving-kindness toward oneself, it's possible to make this happen.


Let your soul shine and the world hear, see & appreciate your authentic YOU!

Introducing The Soul-Aligned System

Together we will look at the 3 areas and create a tailored plan to empower your unique brilliance to create the life of your dreams: 

  • Taming that inner critic to make room for the inner coach, so that you can befriend yourself and create inner peace moving forward using your authentic voice.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, resources and healing power.
  • Say good-bye to self-doubt and hello to courage and clarity, so that you take actions toward what matters to you and feeling proud of your achievements every step.
  • Redefining worthiness and value.
  • Creating a clear vision of what a future without the pushing, hustling, pleasing others and chaos would look and feel like. Then step into that vision!
  • Learning to making decisions with ease.
  • Getting “aligned”, resetting that inner compass so things feel more natural yet magical (I love a little magic)


What is coaching?

Coaching sessions provide a judgment free space where you can openly explore all areas of you life. 

Where you can have those deep discussions in a neutral environment that your friends or family members may not be able to provide.

Coaching is about empowering you to tap into your inner wisdom & resources and guide you to create clarity.

Together we create tailored to you action plans that are fun - not a to do list or chores list. 

I am fully committed to your progress and creating that soul-aligned life you desire.

You get support in between sessions, so we can create momentum and change that sticks.

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  • 3 x coaching sessions per month @ 60 minutes each via Zoom (total of 9 sessions) 
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Email after sessions with action steps, highlights or resources

Your investment:

USD $1460 or three monthly payments of $520



  • 3 x coaching sessions per month @ 60 minutes each via Zoom (total of 18 sessions)
  • Email after sessions with action steps, highlights or resources
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Online resources

Your investment: 

USD $2800 or six monthly payments of $500

Got a few Questions?

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Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself - George Bernard Shaw

Hey! I'm Tanja

I help people remove chaos and create inner peace so that they can step into their true potential

(that's right, no matter how many diagnostic labels you got)

Yes, that's my hat. I grew up in Autria (Tirol).

Yes, I wear my watch on the inside and on my left. 💛

My fav colour is yellow...

More about me here

Want to set yourself free from expectations and create EASE & FLOW in your life?

If yes, you need a soul-aligned contract with yourself, that includes retiring that inner critic.

Let's chat. No-pressure just a conversation to see if we are the good fit and so I can answer any questions you may have about coaching...


Is your mind telling you that your dreams don't qualify as AMBITIOUS?

cPTSD comes with many challenges other than the typical flashbacks and nightmares, e.g. difficulty studying or staying organised, staying connected with our body and emotions...

Hence ambitious dreams can be starting your own business, but also includes getting a qualification, creating a loving & peaceful home for your family, starting a new hobby, selling your artwork, write a book...

= anything that's a stretch outside your comfort zone 💛

Being in full soul alignment not only energises and creates a vibrant fulfilling life for ourselves, but also transforms the relationship we have with ourselves, other earthlings and mother nature 💛🌈

… Sonja, stopped saying “yes” to everything, stood up for her boundaries at work, and deepened her intimate relationship, feeling joy again and “free”

… Mark, who let go of a career that was comfortable and financially rewarding, but he didn’t enjoy, so that he could go all in with his business (which he treated as a hobby for years). Now changing the lives of so many with his soul-aligned work

… Nadine who felt lost, knowing what she didn’t like but doubting her decisions what next, searching for clarity of where and what to focus on to live a life that is meaningful and purposeful. She said “I can now make decisions with ease and getting feedback no longer wipes me out"

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