Complex PTSD Recovery Map

with Tanja Windegger

Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving?

Are you a childhood trauma survivor with complex PTSD, who is feeling stuck, lonely and frustrated... while you secretly dream about having deep nurturing friendships where you feel appreciated, have a career that lights you up, fun hobbies, healthier body, a life that's meaningful to you?

I know it's hard to trust that a better future is possible, when your childhood didn't set you up for success...

But let me ask you, are you ready for change?

if you answered yes... keep reading :)

I created a little online course to help get your healing journey started the right way


What to expect from this online course :)

What you'll get

  • Instant access to the course and all bonuses - so you can binge watch :)
  • 100% online - you can watch on any device
  • Regular updates at no additional cost to you
  • 28 succinct training videos you can watch over the weekend and revisit as often as you like
  • Accompanied with worksheets to get you started step by step
  • Don't be lonely: there's the option to use the private chat roll to communicate with fellow course members and myself


It's ridiculously affordable compared to other online programs :)

Course outline

Complex PTSD Recovery Map

What's included

Module #1

Let's eliminate thoughts like: > I should be over it by now > my trauma wasn't that bad > nothing will ever get better for me....

Get clear on the difference between PTSD and complex PTSD - THIS IS IMPORTANT, as it affects treatment choice (so frustrating that some professionals don't know the difference)

Module #2

Be prepared: use the provided list of questions to ask before your first session, to make sure this is the right therapist/coach/mentor for you

Common therapy approaches explained - curious to find out what approach resonates most with you :)

Learn about the healing stages or phases - This is IMPORTANT, so that therapy is healing and not overwhelming & re-traumatising

Module #3

 Tips to manage and resolve flashbacks 

Dissociation with cPTSD explained (includes: fragmented sense of self and compartmentalisation) 

Module #4

Free yourself from toxic shame that can keep you stuck in a vicious cycle (often self destructive, addictions...)

Use the action steps provided to squash toxic shame 

Module #5

Ideas to help a dysregulated nervous system & emotions that can quickly spiral out of control

Attachment trauma explained - identify our dominant attachment style and how to change it, so that you can have deep and meaningful friendships where you feel cared for and loved

Module #6

Tips to stay energised and uplifted despite your cPTSD symptoms

Practice these empowering habits to feel confident and trust in yourself 

Bonuses :)

Stand up for yourself

Mini course (9 videos+worksheets) to gain the confidence to create and stick to your boundaries.

Calm nervous system

Create inner peace with guided mindfulness exercise

Wake up body

Some days we feel just numb and lifeless. So I'd love to share my favourite exercise to wake up my body

How do you begin this healing & recovery thingy?

(is it even possible?)

YES!! One thing is certain: Our brain has tremendous capacity to change with the right tools and strategies :)

We got the research now to proof it.

Teachers told me that I didn't have what it takes to go to university! Well, I moved to a different country, learnt a new language and am just about to finish my doctorate...

My rule: don't ever let anyone tell you what you are capable of or not - even if they tell you that you are treatment resistant!!!!

Yes, I spend a ridiculous amount of time & cash in 15+ years for therapy, workshops, seminars & programs, certificates, books & research articles... (eeks sounds nerdy - I'm a little weird like that)

and FINALLY I managed to get out of this constant survival mode, have a great life and inner peace (well, mostly)

... for me learning to manage my cPTSD was a LONELY journey. I don't want this to be lonely for you!!

Get instant access

to the course complex PTSD Recovery Map with all the bonuses at this discount - so you can get some peace & joy back into your life faster than I did

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