Complex PTSD Recovery Map

Need some tips on how to find the right therapist and want a ton of tools & information on how to manage cPTSD?

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Do you ever feel stuck and wondering:

what kind of therapist do I need to heal from cPTSD?

will I ever heal from cPTSD and if so HOW?


Let me share with you what I learnt 

From working on my own cPTSD over 15+ years in therapy and attending workshops/seminars/programs, and reading tons of books & research articles... the hope that you don't feel as alone & lost as I did on your healing journey

One thing is certain: Our brain has tremendous capacity to change with the right tools and strategies :)


What you'll get

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  • Accompanied with worksheets
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What you'll learn

Module #1

Why do I have complex PTSD? Are you tormented by thoughts like: my trauma wasn't that *bad*?

What is the difference between PTSD and complex PTSD? 

(this is important to know as it affects choice of treatment approach - so frustrating that some professionals don't know the difference)

Module #2

Finding what works for you

Learn what questions to ask to make sure this is the right support/therapist for you

Explanation of most common therapy approaches available for cptsd

Learn about the healing stages or phases

(important to so therapy is healing and not overwhelming and retraumatising)

Module #3

What can we do about our flashbacks?

Dissociation - fragmented sense of self? 

Module #4

Toxic shame can keep us stuck in a vicious cycle (often self destructive, addictions...)

Actions steps to squash toxic shame 

Module #5

Dysregulated nervous system & emotions that can quickly spiral out of control

Attachment trauma and impact on our friendships and relationships in adult life 

Module #6

Here I share:

My energising habits that helped me to keep going and going...

My empowering habits to learn to trust myself 

Bonuses :)

Stand up for yourself

Mini course (9 videos+worksheets) to gain the confidence to create and stick to your boundaries.

Calm nervous system

A guided mindfulness exercise to help create inner peace

Wake up body

Some days we feel just numb and lifeless. So I'd love to share my favourite exercise to wake up my body

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