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Tanja, thank you so much for this it is possibly the most succinct and helpful presentation I have seen that will enable me to help my loved ones to understand better the medical reasons for my behaviours. I can't thank you enough. I will definitely be booking on to your course. Thank you


Really great webinar... makes so much sense and is so so helpful in understanding that we are not flawed and broken, that we are strong and brave for surviving and working towards healing


Living with CPTSD is a challenge and one that can leave you feeling like you have to battle the condition alone. Not knowing anybody else that struggled with similar symptoms and issues lead me to the Internet for information about the condition. It was there that I found Tanja's Facebook group and YouTube information videos.
I really value these connections because I can connect with others in a safe environment and not feel so isolated. Tanja's dedication in posting thoughts, relaxing photos and encouraging statements are brilliant through them I am reminded about things like self compassion, gratitude and each step forward no matter how small is progress and connect on many other issues, some I'm aware of, and others I have to think about. The YouTube videos give me connection on a more personal level and relief that I'm not alone in dealing with the issues that arise in my daily journey. I am very thankful for her dedication to help others and her willingness to share her journey along the way.



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