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Community to:

Break free from old patterns and habits that are holding you back.

Get stuff done and create the life you long for.

Aligned, Embodied, Flourish and have FUN along the way

πŸ’› Felt sense of connection and belonging.

Feeling seen, heard and understood?

Let's be on this journey together.



The Thriveroo Community 2.0

Goodbye to procrastination and self-sabotaging.

Virtual Co-Working: Join other committed action-takers ready to create a life they love, no matter what diagnosis or curveballs life throws. We'll find a way.

  • Get Curious. Show up.
  • Share your goals.
  • Take Action. Reflect. Adjust.
  • Celebrate and have FUN.

Whatever you are working on, we'll help you stay energised and inspired!

Deepen the Learning in Conversations and Thrive

After trauma, learning and focusing can be challenging. Creativity and playfulness often missing.

In the Thriveroo Community we focus on finding new ways to learn, evolve, grow, cultivate inner peace and stay grounded and true to yourself no matter what.

Render the Inner Critic powerless. Replaced with Inner Coach.

Inner Peace. Healing Energy. Empowering Mindset.

Practicing Together Creates Momentum

Healing, changing old patterns, re-wiring our brain, regulating our nervous system... does NOT have to be hard.

When we foster curiosity and playfulness, the healing becomes more effortless and fun. Which is helping us to embody the teachings. Making the New Empowering Way our Default Way of being.

There are weekly small practices and monthly workshops for a transformational experience and new possibilities.

A library of transformational practices at your fingertips...

So you get to choose what resonates with you! What's your prefered style?

⭐️ Resources Vault: Recorded video workshops, practices and teachings, downloadable worksheets and handouts from Tanja Windegger and Guest Speaker Experts in the field of Trauma

⭐️ Virtual Meetup Room (live video call): To connect, learn from each other, work together, stay committed, ask questions, book club meetings, virutal co-working, movie nights, craft meetups,...

⭐️ Posting Chat Circles: typed conversations for the writers, to engage with like-minded and like-hearted people, share insights, tips and resources

⭐️ "Challenges": Activities and practices to help re-wire our brain, get out of old habits, stretch our comfort zone and gain confidence, various interactive challenges for your inner growth journey - to stay accountable, motivated and inspired!

This is a PRIVATE portal you have access to 24/7! It's NOT linked to any social media platform (it has similar features as FB groups)...

... so you don't have to worry about getting distracted by stories and advertisment on social media... I am super EXCITED about this!!! How about you?! Only fellow Thriveroo Community Members have access to this portalπŸ’›

Stay connected, continue deeper conversation from the calls or workshops, share insights, ask questions and have some fun along the journey together.

Together let's retire our inner critical voice and sabotaging habits, and create new neuronal pathways for new life enhancing and freeing habits

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Monthly membership

We are celebratingπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 7 years ago I started my Youtube channel to share what practices helped me heal my cPTSD...

... πŸŽ‰so there is a DISCOUNT COUPON available till 3rd April 2023

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Thriveroo Community 2.0

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Thriveroo Community 2.0

AUD $27/month

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  • Immediate access to EVERYTHING
  • Hence No Refund. Please only join when ready and committed
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How it works

After you signed up, I'll send you the login details and you have instant access to the self-paced online teachings, Guest speaker workshop replays and handouts, and the Thriveroo Community chat circles and activities 24/7. Everything is accessible from your laptop, phone, tablet or computer. So much is there waiting for you already.

There many Meetups each week for you to chose from (e.g. Saturday 11 am and 6 pm AEST Brisbane time). You can participate in as many or few as you like. You access the Meetups via the app (no registration or links required)

In addition to the regular group calls you also get to participate in live co-working meetups and other fun or interesting activities we organise at no extra cost to you. 

The Book Club Meeting is every last Saturday of the month at 6:30 am AEST Brisbane time

This is an international group with people from different backgrounds, gender, cultures, ages, different occupations (e.g. parents, health care professionals, teachers, academics, artists, students, office workers, retiree,...)... there is so much to learn from each other. Group Wisdom. Healing Vibes. FUN.

This is NOT for you if

  • you don't belief that change is ever possible for you no matter what you do
  • you are in crisis and are looking for therapeutic support
  • you want someone else to fix your problems and give you solutions to all your problems
  • you are looking for a place where you can dump all your problems, whinge, blame and complain
  • you are not willing to use virtual platform to engage and participate in group calls
  • you have no time for a daily 10 minute practice

Howdy! It's Tanja :)

A little about me: Preoccupied with RAINBOWs. Originally from Austria, moved to sub-tropical Queensland 20+ years ago. Hasn’t stopped me wearing beanies 🀣 

I had complex PTSD, Menieré's, learning difficulties... Hence spend decades studying the brain science of trauma and human behaviour, and high performance. I get excited about experimenting and tweaking therapy tools and practices.

Love learning: PhD in Internal Medicine, certified Strategic Intervention coach trained on the Activation™ Method and Energy Coaching to name a few.

It's been my passion to create videos and resources on managing cPTSD symptoms to live a vibrant life since 2016.

I get that the healing potential of safe connections is deep and life changing. Hence I created the online Thriveroo Community. I pour my heart and soul into this! It’s a 20-year dream come true!

Can't wait to meet you in there! πŸ’›πŸ¦˜οΈπŸŒˆ

From Thriving to Self-Master

You are out of the survival phase and now committed to your journey of self-discoery and inner growth for life. And you geek out all things self-development and spiritual growth…
If you are like YES that’s so me, then this is the perfect community for you!
This journey does not have to be lonely πŸ’–
Together this is so much more inspiring, transformational and fun :)

Join the Thriveroo Community Today :)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking forward to see you inside!