That "Next Chapter" of Life

I gently guide my clients to harnessing the deeper understanding of their challenges so they can feel confident, access their innate power and become unstoppable.

So excited to have you here!

When my “keep pushing through” attitude to mask my cPTSD turned into burn-out and vertigo (Meniere’s disease)... EVERYTHING in my life was literally spinning out of control

Is work or busyness a coping mechanism for you too?

But leaving you feel empty and depleted inside

Back then, I jumped from one career to the next, getting yet another new qualification. Volunteering. Running support groups. Market stalls. Conducting medical research projects. Buying + selling homes….

From the outside it looked like things were great and there were sparks of excitement with each “new”.

But nothing was enough to fill that inner emptiness or satisfy that deeper longing...

Years of therapy trying to process childhood stuff didn’t fill that emptiness either

Neither did my obsession studying anything psychology, human behaviour, self-development, nutrition, human physiology… for decades. All the way to PhD in internal medicine.

I was Busy. Empty. Depleted. And felt so Defeated.


I was doing all the things society praises, but it didn’t work for me. I was stuck spinning...


You see, I lost track of how many qualifications in what I have. Because deep down success was defined differently. Deep down I knew that I was meant for something different. I had a big dream.

But I was riddled with self-doubt. Insecurities. Fear.


Who the heck am I to reach for super ambitious dreams?

My mind was ever so creative coming up with endless reasons of why not me and why not now. Can you relate?


No one taught us how to manage your MIND!

I was determined to figure this out! Get out of my deep-rooted busyness pattern and focus on what lights me up so my soul can shine  


Laser focused on getting my next steps soul-aligned meeting my unique needs so that I can move forward with ease, freedom, lightness, joy, enthusiasm… all that good stuff.

Isn’t that what we all want more of in life!!

And you so deserve to have in your life!! Regardless of how people treated you in the past, how they made you feel about yourself or what they said is possible for you.


My superpower is finding CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to generate Ease. Flow. And Peace in my life and my clients while marching towards those Big Ambitious Dreams with CONFIDENCE! Yeah! Let your soul shine!

Some steps that I needed to take and now help my clients with are:

  • Taming that inner critic to make room for the inner coach, so that you can befriend yourself and create inner peace moving forward using your authentic voice.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, resources and healing power.
  • Say good-bye to self-doubt and hello to courage and clarity, so that you take actions toward what matters to you and feeling proud of your achievements every step.
  • Redefining worthiness and value.
  • Creating a clear vision of what a future without the pushing, hustling, pleasing others and chaos would look and feel like. Then step into that vision!
  • Learning to making decisions with ease.
  • Getting “aligned”, resetting that inner compass so things feel more natural yet magical (I love a little magic)


Being in full soul alignment not only energises and creates a vibrant fulfilling life for yourself, but also transforms the relationship we have with ourselves, other earthlings and mother nature.

It affects all areas of your life. It’s contagious in a beautiful way.


it didn’t just change my life. Here are some of my clients shifts 

… Sonja, stopped saying “yes” to everything, stood up for her boundaries at work, and deepened her intimate relationship, feeling joy again and “free”

… Mark, who let go of a career that was comfortable and financially rewarding, but he didn’t enjoy, so that he could go all in with his business (which he treated as a hobby for years). Now changing the lives of so many with his soul-aligned work

… Nadine who felt lost, knowing what she didn’t like but doubting her decisions what next, searching for clarity of where and what to focus on to live a life that is meaningful and purposeful. She said “I can now make decisions with ease and getting feedback no longer wipes me out"

If you are like "OMG I need help with this and I am so ready for change!" Lets have a chat to figure out what's stopping you and see if it's right for us to work together.

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Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and trained in Activation™ Method by my mentors Mark & Magali Peysha, and Energy Coach in training

I bring past learnings into my coaching sessions by combining insights I gathered from all my trainings and qualifications, including Doctor of Philosophy PhD (internal medicine), Bachelor in Biomedical Science, Honours (Pharmacology), Associate Degree In Medical Laboratory Science, Diploma in Pre-school and Kindergarten teaching (ABA therapist for children with autism), Acceptance commitment therapy, Inner child work…

Fun fact, I am also a qualified chef and that’s a fraction of what I did in my life, as I always worked in multiple fields simultaneously.

Clearly had a LOOOT of work to do on breaking my busyness patterns and getting out of workaholic mode...

Now, loving my simple life, rich in purpose and full of joy


Here are some photos of my younger self, the daydreamer who created my ambitious dreams :)



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