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For people determined to create a life they love, no matter what diagnosis or curveball life throws them

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Let's be real!

Often it feels easier to pretend things are "fine", playing small and put on that "mask" to fit in.

BUT it is soul destroying!!! 

You want to be able to show up and just BE YOU and speak your truth and still feel you belong and make a difference in this world. Instead of feeling alone, undervalued and misunderstood by most people in your life

⭐️ You know how much you changed, healed deep trauma wounds, and grown. But most people don't understand what you do or why this "inner work" is even important to you !?!

⭐️ You get excited about self-development books and courses, and would love to discuss what you learnt. But feel a little lonely on that journey. Your friends are amazing but not really interested in that “deeper” stuff. 


That’s where the Thriveroo Community does its magic 🌈 

It’s a community of people who don’t let their past or others define their future. Cycle breakers. Change makers. 

People who geek out about self-development and spiritual stuff, healing complex PTSD, and are committed to the journey of self-discovery and inner growth.

A community where we have those deep conversations to create the inner shifts necessary for healing and the next step towards our wildest dreams.

⭐️ Be surrounded by people who have big Dreams AND take bold Actions towards them.

The energy that creates is special, beautiful and contagious.


🌈 Imagine having like-minded people in your life. It’s a different sense of belonging. One we craved for so long. Feeling supported, validated, heard, and understood. 💛🦘️🌈

Time to thrive together, fellow Thriveroo!

Joining the Thriveroo Community will give you access to...


Group Calls

To get inspired, celebrate your wins, stay motivated, discuss processes, insights + ideas... anything to support healing and growth

Feel valued, appreciated, understood, seen and have a sense of belonging.

There are 4 x weekly group zoom calls to choose from (or join them all).

Currently calls are on Monday 6 am and 6 pm, Wednesday 6 pm and Friday 9 am (AEST - Brisbane).

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 Teaching and Coaching

This group call is specific to teaching healing principles and wisdom.

Format: Tanja will teach for the first half of call and then coach on this for the second half to make sure you know how to apply them to your life if you chose to, in a safe and healthy way.

This also eliminates misinterpretations of these healing wisdoms – many are quite advanced and holistic in nature.

These calls are NOT recorded.

These zoom calls are every first Sunday of the month at 7 am (AEST Brisbane)

Chat Forum

This is a PRIVATE portal you have access to 24/7! It's NOT linked to any social media platform (it has similar features as FB groups though).

I am super EXCITED about this!!! so you don't have to worry about getting distracted scrolling on social for hours, being bombarded with ads you are not interested in... only fellow Thriveroo Community Members have access to this portal :)

Stay connected, continue deeper conversation from the calls or workshops, share insights, ask questions and have some fun along the journey together.

Guest Speaker seminars and workshops

These are GOLD!! Life-transforming really. I've learnt so much from each one of them myself!

The topics vary each month. The Replays are available to you instantly - so you can binge watch. Recent examples:

  • MamaManon - Parenting with the Nervous system in mind
  • Janice Holland - Creating Safety within yourself
  • Chanin Zellner - Chakra Systems
  • Navroop Sood - From inner critic to inner coach
  • Dr Paul McQuillan - Logotherapy & Meaning of life
  • Jane Coker - Alexander Technique to calm the nervous system
  • Sandra Glavan - Natural approach to dealing with anxiety
  • Chandler Stevens – How we stay stuck – what makes change so difficult with trauma & what you can do to make it easy on yourself
  • Simon d'Orsogna - Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy approach
  • Roland Bal - Ways to work with Dissociation
  • Helen Bradshaw - Creating Peace using Art Therapy
  • Stevie Mills – Re-parenting the inner child and taught us unique breathing exercises
  • Sade Curry – Relationships: co-dependency, fear of abandonment, defensiveness
  • Natalie Shay – Build an emotional eating toolbox with us
  • Tamara Ridge – Healing process and the 6 Step Process to Erase a Trigger

(all replays and handouts from previous seminars are available to you instantly. Some guest speaker even gave us free access to a one of their courses 😮)


Workshops that were not recorded due to interactive nature:

  • Guided meditation (e.g. higher self journey, embracing our intuition)
  • Mandala drawing classes
  • Practice to strengthen our awareness and focus skills
  • Enhance ability to stand up for our boundaries
  • Become more self-compassionate
  • Learn how to journal with cPTSD
  • Defining values and purpose...


Book Club meeting - monthly get-together to discuss a book that inspires our inner growth journey and deepens our learning

... anything to help you move forward and thrive! 

Sounds like what you need?

Let's connect NOW!

You are worthy of feeling supported, valued, understood and included, just as you are in this moment!

Ready To Join Today :)

What Thriveroo Members are saying:

(it's a mixed group of people: health care professionals, teachers, academics, artists, students, office workers, retired, parents...)

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How it works

After you signed up, I'll send you the login details and you have instant access to the self-paced online modules, Guest speaker session replays, and the Thriveroo Community chat forum 24/7. Everything is accessable from your laptop, phone, tablet or computer. So much is there waiting for you already.

The 4 x weekly Zoom group calls are currently every Monday 6 am and 6 pm, Wednesday 6 pm, Friday 9 am AEST Brisbane time. You can participate in as many or few as you like. The zoom links are available on the portal.

In addition to the regular group calls you also get to participate in live workshops and seminars with guest speakers via zoom at no extra cost to you. Dates and Times for this will vary. Replays will be available for most. 

This is NOT for you if

  • you don't belief that change is ever possible for you no matter what you do
  • you are in crisis and are looking for therapeutic support
  • you want someone else to fix your problems and give you solutions to all your problems
  • you are looking for a place where you can dump all your problems, winch, blame and complain
  • you are not willing to use Zoom for group calls

Howdy! It's Tanja :)

A little about me: Preoccupied with RAINBOWs. Originally from Austria, moved to sub-tropical Queensland 20+ years ago. Hasn’t stopped me wearing beanies 🤣 

I have complex PTSD, Menieré's, learning difficulties... Hence spend decades studying the brain science of trauma and human behaviour, and high performance. I get excited about experimenting and tweaking therapy tools and practices.

Love learning: PhD in Internal Medicine, certified Strategic Intervention coach trained on the Activation™ Method and Energy Coaching to name a few.

It's been my passion to create videos and resources on managing cPTSD symptoms to live a vibrant life since 2016.

I get that the healing potential of safe connections is deep and life changing. Hence I created the online Thriveroo Community. I poured my heart and soul into this! It’s a 20-year dream come true!

Can't wait to meet you in there! 💛🦘️🌈

Looking forward to see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't see your question answered here?

send me an email at [email protected]

The healing and inner growth journey does not have to be lonely

Together this is so much more inspiring, transformational and fun :)

Join the Thriveroo Community Today :)

"A fully present listening ear while someone is sharing their most ambitious dreams and breakthroughs is the biggest gift you can give someone" Tanja 💛🌈