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LET’S BE HONEST. Juggling health issues, family, relationships etc while trying to make progress can quickly feel depleting, exhausting, and frustrating. BUT:

  • You are determined to not let anything stop you even on days your ambitious dream seem out of reach
  • You keep telling yourself: “I’ll figure this out”, but deep down you’re wondering “will it ever happen?”!!

Life has thrown me (and my clients) some curveballs too, like cPTSD from childhood trauma, ADHD, vestibular disorders, forced career changes, Coeliac disease, Meniere’s disease, Separation, Migration…

>>> My high school teachers in Austria told me that I don’t have what it takes to go to University. I migrated to Australia and did all my studies in English. Completed my PhD in internal medicine EARLY. Not on time – EARLY. My research and publications had impact on Australian Government policy making level!

My superpower is finding CREATIVE SOLUTIONS for myself and my clients. We are all unique and need tailored approaches, so we become UNSTOPPABLE!

  • What’s between you and your dream?
  • What’s that sticking point you can’t seem to get pass?
  • What’s in the way of your success and you having a fulfilling vibrant life?

One thing I’m certain about is that

There are ways to get around these without compromising your health or sanity.
In fact, you can feel more vibrant, fulfilled, and joyous than ever.

Yep, it’s possible

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⭐️ If you need some time to heal some old wounds with a therapist first, but desire some extra support so that you feel less lonely, I have something for you too -> Check out the Thriveroo Community

⭐️ There are a ton of resources and freebies down below 👇… so keep scrolling

Hello! I'm Tanja :)

I gently guide my clients to harnessing the deeper understanding of their challenges so they can feel confident, access their innate power and become unstoppable.

It’s important to me that my clients feel seen and deeply cared for on their journey in finding creative solutions tailored to their needs so that they can achieve their dream with ease and joy

Because I get it.

  • You got that fire in your belly
  • You’re not settling for anything less than an extraordinary life where you approach challenges with more confidence, clarity, and ease

>> It’s not just about creating a plan to reach your ambitious dream and having the perfect strategies to get there,

>> it’s also about learning to make decisions that feel good to you and embodying the most authentic version of yourself…

taking actions from that aligned place makes you unstoppable. Let your soul shine ⭐️


Introducing the Creative Solution Generator

... so that you can stop spinning and get ahead with more confidence, clarity and ease

I believe that everyone with cPTSD deserves to have access to the strategies to build a gorgeous thriving life where you are buzzing with excitement while allowing all of you be fully expressed - the unique brilliant YOU*

*including flaws and quirks (which I got plenty of)

This is not for you if...

  • You're after information but not ready to take action yet
  • You're just looking for practices or tools to achieve desired results without doing the inner work
  • You don't belief change is ever possible for you no matter what you do
  • You want someone else to fix your problems and give you solutions to all your problems

💛 I don't want to waste your time, money, energy...


Keep Toxic People AWAY

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Tips on managing cPTSD

There are a ton of videos with tips and insights on how to manage cPTSD symptoms on my YouTube channel

Struggling with Sleep

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Top 9 habits that helped me

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Local cPTSD Support Group

Every first Saturday of the month we have our local get-together. For the details of where we meet up, please send me an email to [email protected] if you like more information

FB group: cPTSD & thriving

A space where we can inspire, encourage, support and uplift each other, where any questions about any mental health issue can be asked and all topics discussed. (No trauma story sharing)

I'll be live streaming in this group every Monday 6 am (AEST - Brisbane).

FB live replays

Not on Facebook? On this page I upload the replays of our FB live sessions. It's tips and insights on different cPTSD topics each week

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This succinct video explains what brain area are involved in various complex PTSD symtoms. There are physiological reasons for our symptoms. The good news is that our brain has tremendous capacity to change


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