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Hello! I'm Tanja :)

Former self-discovery and self-mastery geek who had learning difficulties, cPTSD, Meniere’s disease…

… from hating myself and life, to being at peace and free from endless ruminating about my past and catastrophising about my future

After decades studying to heal myself, I lost count of all my qualifications: PhD in Internal Medicine; Strategic Intervention, Activation, High Performance, & Energy Coaching…

I was a striver caught up in the "doing" mode (socially endorsed copying mechanism)!!

Only when I got VERY sick with Menieré's, did I pause and learn to...

... dissolve the "inner pain bodies" for good!! - best part about this: ZERO trauma story processing necessary for that!!

Bring lasting peace to your inner world, so you don't get knocked of centre by external circumstances anymore 


Recently deeply immersed in self-inquiry and non-duality: Who am I beyond this physical body?

More about me here...

Radiant. Pure. Vibrant...

The Art of Being


Occasionally I send out emails with insights, food for thought, invitation to workshops and other offerings...


You can reach me at [email protected]