Will my brain ever function *normal* again?

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Keep Toxic People AWAY

Exercises that helped me become more confident & stand up for myself when delcaring my boundaries...

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Feeling stuck

Online course on: finding the right therapist, cPTSD healing stages, managing symptoms, flashbacks, dissociation, toxic shame, emotional dysregulation, ....  click to learn more

Struggling with Sleep

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Living with a cPTSD Brain


When you bounce from hypervigilant to absent - dissociated and disconnected.


You feel like a *different* person each moment. That sense of cohesion + continuity is lost.


There are no words to describe how *broken* + *fragmented* you feel.


The only constant is the heavy painful toxic shame + guilt. We carry around 24/7.


You feel alien + fundamentally different to others.


flashbacks, night terrors...

Feel like unplugging this brain and demand immediate REPLACEMENT?!?!

I sure did!


The closest I got to is what I'd love to share with you...


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Hey! I'm Tanja :)

Are your neurons firing way fast and get stuck on toxic inner turmoil? Often you escape by dissociating, feeling numb like a robot....

I worked out some strategies to calm my *hyper* neurons even while staying present in the moment and being my authentic self.

It was wicked hard work to find meaning & purpose in life again, and feeling worthy of having healthy, nurturing & caring people in my life.

Others don't get just how much work is involved, but you do...

Have you ever felt lonely with all your struggles? Let's tackle this together. Your life is not over yet. You're worthy of a better future.

My cPTSD brain and I are a little crazy about research. The sciency stuff perfectly combined with a Piccolo (coffee). Currently a chocolate loving PhD student.

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Local cPTSD Support Group

Every first Saturday of the month we have our get-together at the Kawana Library  from 13:00 to 14:30 click here for a video to see the car park and room we are in :) ...

send me an email to [email protected] if you like more information

FB group: cPTSD & thriving

A space where we can inspire, encourage, support and uplift each other, where any questions about any mental health issue can be asked and all topics discussed. (No trauma story sharing)

I'll be live streaming in this group every Monday 6 am (AEST - Brisbane).

1:1 Private Coaching

Are you looking for that 1:1 support to e.g. tame that inner critic, find your authentic self, befriend yourself, reach your goals without delay, find nurturing friends or fulfilling work...

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Have you ever questioned your purpose or the purpose of living?

Life after complex trauma can seem meaningless... here is more about an in-between hopping stone... 

That feeling of being unwanted and being unlovable...

and can't stop being ANGRY with yourself...

Have you ever thought that things will never get any better for you?

All those intrusive flashbacks & nightmares, that loneliness & toxic shame... do you feel stuck?

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Why can't we end toxic relationships?


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