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LET’S BE HONEST. Juggling health issues, family, relationships, hobbies... while trying to make progress towards your dream goal can quickly feel depleting, exhausting, and frustrating. BUT:

  • You are determined to not let anything stop you from working on your dream and creating a life full of love, enthusiasm, fun, peace... and all that good stuff
  • You keep telling yourself: “I’ll figure this out”, even on days your dream goal seems out of reach
  • You are driven. You are not a giver upper. That's not your style

... meanwhile...

 life kept throwing you curveballs (diagnosis, losses,...), that deeply affected your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

... each time you got back up heavy-hearted reassessing your options

... still determined in making your dream a reality

Afterall, you promised your younger self! who had to endure so much, was so resourceful in surviving all that trauma and abuse!!

(I can relate. I have a lived experience of all the above - including countless curveballs)


So here you are! Still working on your dream goal, even when others are doubting and underestimating your abilities.

>>> My high school teachers in Austria told me that I don’t have what it takes to go to University, because of my learning difficulties and attitude!! I migrated to Australia and did all my studies in English. Completed my PhD in Internal Medicine EARLY. Not on time – EARLY. My research and publications had impact on Australian Government policy making level! 

...sounds impressive right?   BUT...

>>> In retrospect, I climbed the "WRONG MOUNTAIN". I went to University, because I wanted to proof people wrong!! Oouuuch!! Not the energy we want to rely on to reach any goal (That lesson cost me financially and my health a lot, perhaps you can relate)

Nevertheless, people questioning and underestimating our abilities leaves us feeling not taken seriously, unheard and misunderstood - it feels like being stabbed in the heart!

Since then, I spend MANY years studying psychology, human behaviour and doing inner work to figure out how to identify what is meaningful and important to me, who I want to be and what kind of life I want to create for myself...

Then I studied brain science and high performance to figure out how can I create all this without burning out...

Fast forward... I stepped into the entrepreneurial world, and get to work on my terms towards my ambitious soul-aligned dream that lights me up... My life is beautiful! Magical really. (Well most days 😉)

(Some days it's hard to belief that this is my new reality after years of struggle feeling exhausted)

Enough about me...

  • What does your dream life look and feel like (ignoring other people's expectations or need to being liked for a moment)?
  • How do you make sure your goals and dreams are soul-aligned (so you don't climb the wrong mountains like I did!)?
  • Where are you leaking energy your life? (You may be surprised...)
  • How do you get the most out of the day without feeling depleted at the end?
  • Are you clear on what you need more or less of in your life to make consistent progress without burnout?


My specialty is identifying and plugging hidden needless energy leaks for good!!

I geek out about finding creative solutions that set you up with a strong foundation to weather any storm (including curveballs). So that you have that grounded confidence speaking your truth and have that deep inner knowing that you are on the right path and how to navigate difficult situations in a way that don't leave you feel depleted.

If this speaks to you and you are an action taker committed to your dream goal, I'd love to offer you a free Energy Leak Diagnostic. Click here to book your call now

One thing I’m certain about is that

There are ways to reach your dream goal and create your dream life without you having to work even harder for longer and compromising your health or sanity.
In fact, with a tailored to you approach you soon feel more vibrant, fulfilled, and joyous than ever.

Yep, it’s possible for you too!

Click the box below and let's explore what this could look like for you...


Curious how we could work together?

Here are 3 options

⭐️ If you are an ACTION TAKER committed to your dream, ready to go all in NOW to identify and eliminate what is standing between you and your goal, and you crave that 1:1 support -> book your free Energy Leak Diagnostic here .On that call we also explore where you are at and where you'd like to be and see if it's right for us to work together.

⭐️ If you crave connection and being part of a group of like-minded people on this journey of inner growth, then I got something for you too -> Check out the Thriveroo Community

⭐️ If you are not ready to invest just yet, there are a ton of resources and freebies down below 👇… so keep scrolling

The Healing Journey

This video will help you identify what phase on your healing journey you are in. Knowing this helps you determine what therapy approach, tools, practices, programs... are more effective for you.

It's not fair that a caring go-getter like you, working so hard to make a difference in this world, feels regularly exhausted and overwhelmed.

Hello! I'm Tanja :)

I am in Inner Spark Activator, which means I help my clients ✨ find and plug those hidden energy leaks for good ✨ discover their unique power, activate their inner spark to bring vibrancy and vitality into their life, without guilt, self-minimisng or forcing, using my magical blend of embodied integration and radical self-awareness.

My clients learn how to be their own inner coach. I belief in my clients and their abilities!!

It’s important to me that my clients feel seen and deeply cared for on their journey.

While I cheer on my clients and love celebrating their wins with them, I also gently pull them up on excuses or limiting beliefs that are holding them back when these pop up. 

Because I get it.

  • You got that fire in your belly and don't want to waste time
  • You’re not settling for anything less than an extraordinary life where your dream became your reality, and you feel amazing and safe speaking your truth

Let your soul shine ⭐️


Introducing the Inner Spark Activation System

This is not for you if...

  • You're after information but not ready to take action yet
  • You're just looking for practices or tools to achieve desired results without doing the inner work
  • You don't belief change is ever possible for you no matter what you do
  • You want someone else to fix your problems and give you solutions to all your problems

💛 I don't want to waste your time, money, energy...

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anything to create an extrodinary life, that's harmonious, exciting, calm, joyous,.... One where you courageously move towards your ambitious dream...  🌈


Complex PTSD resources

This is a large Facebook group specific to sharing and asking for resources to manage cPTSD symptoms, healing, and inner growth

Let's learn from each other :)

FB group: cPTSD & thriving

A space where we can inspire, encourage, support and uplift each other, where any questions about any mental health issue can be asked and all topics discussed. (No trauma story sharing)

I'll be live streaming in this group every Monday 6 am (AEST - Brisbane).

Book Club

The Book Club gives us an opportunity to have a deeper conversation about books and how to implement that new wisdom in day to day live with cPTSD. Click for details

It's free to join :)

Keep Toxic People AWAY

Download you FREE workbook with exercises that helped me become more confident & stand up for myself when declaring my boundaries...

Tips on managing cPTSD

There are a ton of videos with tips and insights on how to manage cPTSD symptoms on my YouTube channel

Struggling with Sleep

Download your FREE booklet NOW :)

Top 9 habits that helped me

fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer



This succinct video explains what brain area are involved in various complex PTSD symtoms. There are physiological reasons for our symptoms. The good news is that our brain has tremendous capacity to change


Any inquiries, feedback or suggestions please use this email address [email protected]


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