Feeling fully


in This Moment

Sensing the depth of who you truly are 

Hello and Welcome

Perhaps you are a seeker like me?

....... on the journey of self-discovery

.... with that deep inner knowing that something is not quite right YET


Things have changed here on this page and in my life

so much so that it's spooky AND magical 💫

Not sure how to put "it" ALL in a FEW words just yet - awkward?


How do you accept and be with what is in this moment - awkward or not?

That's the essence around my work NOW


I shifted from helping childhood trauma survivors with cPTSD "re-wire" their brain

to the art of "being" 

................that radiant presence

......here & now

Letting go of that need of doing ONLY to achieve certain outcomes to entertain our ego state and

......to feel worthy of

................and have a sense of purpose


No more of that! It's conditional and will keep you stuck (speaking from experience)


I was so passionate about my "re-wiring" work for the past 7 years. I wanted to help EVERYONE so cPTSD would no longer affect them 

and so STOP the impact of abuse being passed on to the next generation 💛

I was super Busy Doing. Hustling. Working, Creating... for others

It was an interesting journey. My work helped a lot of people and in turn they helped me to grow within

............... So here we are 7 years later ................


Now mentoring (Activiating that Inner Spark)

Help you recognise and trust your inner knowing

Bring lasting peace to your inner world so you don’t get knocked of centre by external circumstances anymore

so that you can "be" fully ALIVE in THIS VERY MOMENT 

Isn't that what we all long for?


So, the journey continues, as there is no destination


My Journey


Private 1:1 Mentorship

Hello! I'm Tanja :)

A self-discovery and self-mastery geek who had learning difficulties, cPTSD, Meniere’s disease…

… from hating myself and my life, to being at peace with myself and free from endless ruminating about my past and catastrophising about my future

After decades studying, I lost count of all my qualifications: PhD in Internal Medicine; Strategic Intervention, Activation, High Performance, & Energy Coaching…

I was a striver caught up in the "doing" mode and created my identity around this.

In doing so, I missed out on "living" and experiencing the richness of this moment.

Only when I got really sick with Menieré's, did I pause and realise that I got it all wrong...

Now I help people activate their inner spark and create radical self-awareness to feel "fully alive" - with radiant presence and love in THIS Moment 💫💛 

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You can reach me at [email protected]