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Keep Toxic People AWAY

Exercises that helped me become more confident & stand up for myself when declaring my boundaries...

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Feeling stuck

Online course: Tips and strategies for finding the right therapist, cPTSD healing stages, managing symptoms, flashbacks, dissociation, toxic shame, emotional dysregulation, ....  click to learn more

Struggling with Sleep

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My top 9 habits that helped me

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Hello! I'm Tanja :)

I love helping people connect with their natural genius and reach their true potential. No more playing small or trying to fit in!

While your childhood may have not set you up for success like mine, there is a fire deep inside you.

You secretly dream about a future with loving & caring friends, where you have a career you feel super passionate about, it lights up every cell of your body, you feel you're contributing to this world like you never imagined possible for you...

It's a huge leap outside your comfort zone, but you know change needs to happen NOW

And you are so ready to take action

My cPTSD journey from feeling like a pathetic misfit to living my dream, was rocky to say the least. 

Determination was one of the ingredients that got me on my dream path that feels a perfect fit for me.

I am a bit crazy about medical research and currently a double ristretto loving PhD student.

I would love to be your mentor on your journey...

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Local cPTSD Support Group

Every first Saturday of the month we have our get-together at the Kawana Library  from 13:00 to 14:30 click here for a video to see the car park and room we are in :) ...

send me an email to [email protected] if you like more information

FB group: cPTSD & thriving

A space where we can inspire, encourage, support and uplift each other, where any questions about any mental health issue can be asked and all topics discussed. (No trauma story sharing)

I'll be live streaming in this group every Monday 6 am (AEST - Brisbane).

1:1 Private Coaching

Are you ready to take action and crave that 1:1 support to create your dream future...

if that's you :)

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Why settle with surviving when you could be thriving with cPTSD? You are worthy of feeling successful and living your dream!!

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