Sensing the depth of who you truly are 

If you are anything like my clients, I am willing to bet:

You had a significant “event” recently, that led you to question your beliefs, perspectives and perceptions about yourself, others and the world!

… like nothing makes sense anymore

You’ve experienced trauma (like any type of abuse, a serious medical diagnosis, lost your “secure” job, your partner suddenly left you, bankruptcy) and you’ve done a ton of healing work already

… but something is still missing or not quite right

You are wondering:

  • How do you heal and stop the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual impact of past traumas interfering with your life now?
  • How do you quieten that mind and create lasting peace within?
  • Who am I, REALLY? (i.e. beyond this physical body)

You have had moments of inner stillness, peace, bliss and awe (e.g. while watching a stunning sunset)

but old repetitive thoughts and stories quickly pulled you away from this blissful moment back to "inner drama"
back to that energy draining inner mind chatter (comparing, daydreaming, ruminating, judging, criticising, analysing, doubting, wondering…)

Why does this keep happening?!??

After all you have been working on inner growth and have many daily routines e.g.:
You are meditating, reading self-development books, therapy, courses, exercising, eating healthy, practicing mindfulness…

YET you can’t get that stillness within to last

If that’s you and you are ready to change this, let’s connect💛



Private 1:1 Mentorship

My Journey

Hello! I'm Tanja :)

A self-discovery and self-mastery geek who had learning difficulties, cPTSD, Meniere’s disease…

… from hating myself and my life, to being at peace with myself and free from endless ruminating about my past and catastrophising about my future

After decades studying, I lost count of all my qualifications: PhD in Internal Medicine; Strategic Intervention, Activation, High Performance, & Energy Coaching…

I was a striver caught up in the "doing" mode and created my identity around this.

In doing so, I missed out on "living" and experiencing the richness of this moment.

Only when I got really sick with Menieré's, did I awaken and realise that I got it all wrong...

Now I help people detect their Ego (pain bodies) in action to transform their life for good - best part about this: no healing or trauma processing necessary for that!!💫💛 

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