Sensing the depth of who you truly are 

Feeling restricted by life circumstances

Like wearing clothes that are too tight and itchy

In colours and patterns that no longer inspire you

But weigh you down

Feeling limited

Like trying to walk on a thinly frozen lake that makes cracking sounds

Moving cautiously and awkwardly

A deep inner knowing is becoming louder and louder

Life isn’t meant to be like this forced cautious limited way

The wisdom deep within you

Tells you

It’s time to break out of that “costume”

And allow yourself to fall “through” the ice

What’s beyond all this?

Who am I, really beyond this body?

Now feels to be the perfect time

To explore and nurture

For that seed within you

Is ready

To sprout



In unimaginable ways

So finally you can be

Standing in your true nature

Fully embodying what you came here for

I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I love you

Home at last

Just like that


with love, Tanja


Easter Weekend - Live online workshop

Topic: Prepare the body for improved awareness, focus and attention

Hello! I'm Tanja :)

Former self-discovery and self-mastery geek who had learning difficulties, cPTSD, Meniere’s disease…

… from hating myself and life, to being at peace and free from endless ruminating about my past and catastrophising about my future

After decades studying to heal myself, I lost count of all my qualifications: PhD in Internal Medicine; Strategic Intervention, Activation, High Performance, & Energy Coaching…

I was a striver caught up in the "doing" mode (socially endorsed copying mechanism)!!

Only when I got VERY sick with Menieré's, did I pause and learn to...

... dissolve the "inner pain bodies" for good!! - best part about this: ZERO trauma story processing necessary for that!!

Bring lasting peace to your inner world, so you don't get knocked of centre by external circumstances anymore 


Recently deeply immersed in self-inquiry and non-duality: Who am I beyond this physical body?

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Radiant. Pure. Vibrant...

The Art of Being


From 2016 to 2022, I created a ton of resources where I shared all the practices, approaches and tools I used to re-wire my cPTSD brain and heal chronic illnesses and Meniere's disease.

It’s still all there for you 😊 

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