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Hello and Welcome 

Are you looking for holistic approaches for your healing journey from complex trauma or are you on a deeply spiritual path?

Either way, I may have something for you...

Have you ever been told that your symptoms or conditions are permanent? (perhaps even that you'll need lifelong medication to manage)

I was told just that back in 2006 and it did NOT sit right with me!!

Let me guess, you feel the same way and that's why you are here, searching for different solutions.


For decades I focused on healing from emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Those childhood wounds were deep and raw...

It felt like I was carrying a heavy burden 24/7 and yet felt empty on the inside...

Back then my chaotic emotional world, physical pains and symptoms, and inner critical voice ruled my life. 

These days I am at peace with myself and my past. My mind is quiet and calm.

My life is no longer a mad out of control roller coaster ride. 

My symptoms rarely show up. I no longer take any medication or supplements for it.

AND this is so my wish for YOU whether you have complex PTSD and associated conditions or not. 


The reason I am so passionate about sharing is to spark hope and prevent people from making the same mistakes I did.

Even though this crazy journey of mine triggered my spiritual awakening and I am deeply grateful for this. 

It didn't need to be such a long and lonely journey.

But let me ask you:

Has your journey felt lonely?

Mine sure did.

I longed for connection and belonging. Being with likeminded people. That's why I created communities so we can walk on this path together


As you know different approaches work at different stages of our healing journey. (e.g. the spiritual concepts would have been very triggering to me early in my journey, felt that these were dismissive and hurtful)

Hence I have TWO communities: 

  1. The Thriveroo Community for people on the complex PTSD healing journey - from surviving to thriving (free resources at bottom of page)
  2. The Art of Being Community for people on the spiritual path - awakening, connecting with the Divine Consciousness 

The complex PTSD healing journey

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LET’S BE HONEST. Current situations are tugging at your heart and soul deeply.
Creating inner conflict and tension, that pulls you away from showing up as your authentic self.
Limiting self-expression and the impact you are meant to have in this world.

You got a big heart and goals….
You’re on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth

All while: juggling health issues, relationship conflict, eat healthier, exercise more, being a great parent, career change...

……….. It can feel a bit overwhelming with………….

expectations, obligations, contradictions, desires, passion
….pulling you in different directions
Creating inner turmoil and
a deep void between your current reality and your desired reality.

I get you!!
That void felt soul-destroying to me!!!

...Spending well over $100,000 on my healing, courses, certificates and coaches to guide me on my journey to self-discovery and mastering my inner landscape...

I put all my learnings from the past few decades into a framework "The Inner Spark Activation System" that I still teach in the Thriveroo Community. 

This image represents the Inner Spark Activation System: Align, Generate, Embody and Flourish 

These steps are all necessary to get from surviving to thriving!

A few examples are:

  • Accepting the uniqueness, quirks, flaws and richness of your inner landscape
  • Listening and understanding your body's messages
  • Clarity on your values and purpose in life
  • Having your own back no matter what
  • Staying grounded and calm amidst the emotional storm
  • Being efficient and productive - good bye procrastination!

I also use these same principles on me spiritual path to keep me healthy, vibrant and authentic no matter what shows up in my life... 

Peace within is pure BLISS!

Hello! I'm Tanja :)

A self-discovery and self-mastery geek with learning difficulties, complex PTSD, Meniere’s disease…

… from hating myself and my life, to being at peace with myself and free from endless ruminating about my past and catastrophising about my future

After decades studying I lost count of all my qualifications and certificates: PhD in Internal Medicine, Strategic Intervention, Activation, High Performance, Energy Coaching…

I help my clients activate their inner spark and leverage their unique power to bring more vibrancy, love and peace into their life, without guilt, self-minimising and forcing, using my magical blend of embodied integration and radical self-awareness.

My clients learn how to become the Master of their Inner World using my framework.

It’s important to me that my clients feel seen and deeply cared for on their journey.

Free Groups

Complex PTSD Resources

This is a large Facebook group specific to sharing and asking for resources to manage cPTSD symptoms, healing, and inner growth

Let's learn from each other :)

Complex PTSD & Thriving

A space where we can inspire, encourage, support and uplift each other, where any questions about any mental health issue can be asked and all topics discussed. (No trauma story sharing)

I'll be live streaming in this group every Monday 6 am (AEST - Brisbane).

Book Club

The Book Club gives us an opportunity to have a deeper conversation about books and how to implement that new wisdom in day to day live with cPTSD. Click for details

It's free to join :)

Booklets & Videos

Healthy Boundaries

Download you FREE workbook with exercises that helped me become more confident & stand up for myself when declaring my boundaries...

Tips on managing cPTSD

There are a ton of videos with tips and insights on how to manage cPTSD symptoms on my YouTube channel

Struggling with Sleep

Download your FREE booklet NOW :)

Top 9 habits that helped me

fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer


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Childhood Trauma and Complex PTSD

From 2016 to 2022 I created a ton of resources to help manage complex PTSD. There are hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel and Facebook groups, booklets to download, blog posts… where I shared all the practices, approaches and tools I used to re-wire my cPTSD brain.

It’s still all there for you 😊 Keep scrolling... below you'll find how you can access them for free

Brain function and complex PTSD.  This succinct video explains what brain area are involved in various complex PTSD symtoms. There are physiological reasons for our symptoms. The good news is that our brain has tremendous capacity to change.

Click and Watch Now :)

Coping Mechanisms.  Why are they so powerful, what can we do about them... It's a different perspective. Hope it's helpful to you

Coping Strategies

Self-awareness and feeling safe in your body are difficult concepts after Childhood trauma. People with complex PTSD often feel disconnected from their body. This is a normal coping mechanism to survive the trauma but puts as at great risk of developing burnout and disease in adulthood. This video series is for you to become more aware of all the different ways your body is talking to you and some practices, tips and exercises

Watch Here Now :)

The "Meditation track" I use that transformed my life.  You often hear me talk about Holosync, because I love it so much. It help me so much to calm down my brain. On this page you'll find all the details about it :)

Change Brain Waves

FB live replays.  For those who do NOT use Facebook, I uploaded these videos to my website :) these videos are often a bit longer than the YouTube videos. To give a bit more detail on the practices and approaches I used I discussed eating disorders, drinking, dissociation, struggles with self-compassion...) 

Watch on this page :)

I get that It's hard to feel safe in your body, tame that inner critic and speak your authentic voice.

My cPTSD brain had me stuck in the past pain for years, and like you, I kept searching relentlessly for a way to "fix" my brain. Trying anything and everything I could get my hands on

There were many very dark dark periods, where I couldn't see a better future for myself - EVER!

Fast forward...

I found a way to rewire my cPTSD brain and love the life I created for myself.

That is so my wish for you! Never give up!

You are worthy of having that better future just as you are in this moment.

Sending you an extra dose of love & rainbows to brighten up the tought times just a little



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