The Art of Being

Private 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring

 via zoom or in person

This is for you if you are on a spiritual journey or wondering a lot about awakening, consciousness, awareness and what that all means in your unique situation

Your mind loves to be busy chattering away (comparing, dreaming, judging, criticising, analysing, doubting, wondering…)
It feels like the more you try to quieten that inner dialogue the louder it gets
and periods of stillness, peace, bliss, and awe are more like short-lived glimpses
… rare reminders of what life could be like

Or perhaps you experienced something “significant” seemingly out of nowhere, like a serious medical diagnosis, lost your job, trauma, your partner cheated on you or left you, bankruptcy…
…. which turned your world upside down and inside out at once
… Nothing makes sense anymore…

There got to be some deeper meaning to all this, right??!?

Perhaps you are wondering if what you are experiencing is the “dark night of the soul” or a spiritual awakening?
Perhaps you are wondering what you are doing wrong??

After all you have been working on inner growth and have many daily routines e.g.:
You are meditating, reading self-development books, therapy, courses, exercising, eating healthy, practicing mindfulness…
YET you can’t get that stillness within to last

If that’s you and you and you are ready to change this, let’s connect

There are three options

Two via zoom: 2-hours or 1-hour calls, and one in person meetup out in nature:


To have plenty of time to get to know your situation on a deeper level and do some practices together

Stillness within

Discuss your unique situation and tailored to you "practices"

Being in Nature

This is only available for people on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia.

To sense stillness and be in touch with your inner wisdom is sometimes most accessible when out and about in nature