art of being

an exploration of embodying your True Nature


layer by layer peeling away the false sense of self

and finally feeling whole and complete

free and safe in your body


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Stories about Tanja: In love with RAINBOWs. Originally from Austria, moved to sub-tropical Queensland 25+ years ago. Hasn’t stopped me wearing beanies 🤣 

I had complex PTSD, Menieré's, learning difficulties... Hence spend decades studying the brain science of trauma, human behaviour, and high performance - resulting in many qualification (PhD in Internal Medicine, certified Energy, Activation™ Method and Strategic Intervention coach to name a few.) to heal myself.

Now deeply immersed in self-inquiry and non-duality: Who am I beyond this physical body?

Peeling away layers of old conditioning and "false identities" to Embody my true nature

Can't wait to meet you! 💛🦘️🌈

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