Practices to get out of that hyperaroused state

Sep 30, 2020

Need some new tools or practices to help you calm down your nervous system to get out of that hyperaroused state?

I did a live video demonstration on helpful cPTSD practices for my Facebook group "complex PTSD and thriving". (it's free to join my group) and there are more tips in this blog on coping strategies that you may find helpful :)

In this video I guide you through the practices that I use and find helpful to calm down my nervous system and get grounded again (my clients love them too).

I'm curious to hear which ones you found most helpful and which ones you are willing to try for a little while :)

They are simple and easy to follow along.

Mindfulness exercises and meditation are great, but NOT helpful when you are stuck in hyperarousal!!!

So often people contact me saying: "I'm doing daily practices, but nothing changed. I just can't get better. I must be too damaged..."

It's about finding the right practice or technique for the right cPTSD symptom suitable for the healing stage you are at.

Calming down our nervous system is so important, as this hyperaroused state causes havoc in our body. It not only affects our quality of life and relationships, but also affects our physical health, such as our immune system, digestive system...

So, are you ready to follow along as I demonstrate the practices in this video?

Let's work on calming down our nervous system together while having some fun too...


Do you feel disconnected from your body? This is a normal coping mechanism to survive the trauma but puts as at great risk of developing burnout and disease in adulthood. This video series is for you to become more aware of all the different ways your body is talking to you and some practices, tips and exercises.  


There are also a ton of short videos packed with tips on just about any cPTSD topic on my YouTube channel.

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