From 2016 to 2022, I created a ton of resources where I shared all the practices, approaches and tools I used to re-wire my cPTSD brain and heal chronic illnesses and Meniere's disease.

It’s still all there for you 😊 Keep scrolling... below you'll find how you can access them for free.

Coping Mechanisms.  Why are they so powerful, what can we do about them... It's a different perspective. Hope it's helpful to you

Coping Strategies

Self-awareness and feeling safe in your body are difficult concepts after Childhood trauma. People with complex PTSD often feel disconnected from their body. This is a normal coping mechanism to survive the trauma but puts as at great risk of developing burnout and disease in adulthood. This video series is for you to become more aware of all the different ways your body is talking to you and some practices, tips and exercises

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The "Meditation track" I use that transformed my life.  You often hear me talk about Holosync, because I love it so much. It help me so much to calm down my brain. On this page you'll find all the details about it :)

Change Brain Waves for Healing

FB live replays.  For those who do NOT use Facebook, I uploaded these videos to my website :) these videos are often a bit longer than the YouTube videos. To give a bit more detail on the practices and approaches I used I discussed eating disorders, drinking, dissociation, struggles with self-compassion...) 

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Brain function and complex PTSD.  This succinct video explains what brain area are involved in various complex PTSD symtoms. There are physiological reasons for our symptoms. The good news is that our brain has tremendous capacity to change.

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Struggling with sleep? Download your FREE booklet NOW with the top 9 habits that helped me fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer

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While the content of my Youtube videos slighty changed to a focus on self-healing and embodying your true nature... the older videos are still there - in those I shared tips and insight that I found helpful on healing and re-wiring my cptsd brain.

YouTube Channel

Howdy! It's Tanja :)

A little about me: In love with RAINBOWs. Originally from Austria, moved to sub-tropical Queensland 25+ years ago. Hasn’t stopped me wearing beanies 🤣 

I had complex PTSD, Menieré's, learning difficulties... Hence spend decades studying the brain science of trauma, human behaviour, and high performance - resulting in many qualification (PhD in Internal Medicine, certified Energy, Activation™ Method and Strategic Intervention coach to name a few.) to heal myself and teach others.

Now deeply immersed in self-inquiry and non-duality: Who am I beyond this physical body?

Embodying my true nature

Can't wait to meet you! 💛🦘️🌈